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Make your car road legal

Arrange your regular MOT check

Yearly MOT check-ups are a legal requirement for any roadworthy vehicle, in addition to helping you to maintain a healthy and fuel efficient car. By calling on the expertise of Speedtest, you can rest easy knowing that your car is not only road legal, but also safe for yourself and your family.

Don't risk trouble with the law, book an appointment if you live near:

• Chertsey

• Addlestone

• Weybridge

• Lyne

• Shepperton

• Thorpe

• Laleham

Make sure your car is roadworthy with our MOTs

01932 568 921

While our MOT services allow us to give your car a yearly check-up and ensure it's working correctly, more

regular check-ups can keep your car in excellent condition as well as improving their economic value. Contact us today and find out how we can help your car.

Keep your car in good condition

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